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Child Behavior Problems and Helpful Hints for Parents

Child behavior problems and few  helpful hints

Clinical information/ testing reports History taking including  psychiatric interview is important to reach valuable diagnostic conclusion however following points may be worth mentioning.

If the child appears to have inattentive/hyperactive symptoms, it could be due to ADHD.

2- Disorganization/forgetting and losing things can be part of ADHD.

3- Kids having ADHD symptoms, show some deficits in social skills due to the fact that they miss out the information and quos given by others and can “miss the boat” while other kids without ADHD get that quickly, hence influence their interaction. By correcting these Symptoms and social skills training, this problem can be helped.

4-Learning can be affected by co morbid condition like learning issues plus inattention symptoms. On the other hand inattention can be worsened by learning issues so both can impact each other.

5- Self esteem issues can arise due to the fact that child feels insufficient or incapable of keeping up with academic and social areas and may lead to depressive feelings and prefer to be alone and solo player.

6- In some kids due to these problems behavior issues arise especially oppositional behavior.


Treatment strategies:

Of course first try the behavior modification plan but using medication can be helpful, if needed. It needs further discussion and labs test and EKG if plan is to start the medications.

Behavior modification Plans:

A- Improving the communication by:

a- Ask the child to stop what he/she is doing, and

b- Make eye contact.

c- Then tell him/ her instructions.

d- Ask him/her to repeat what is being said.

e- If he/she follows through the command, give him/her reasonable proportional reward immediately upon completion of the task.

B- Improving the behavior by:

a- Set a goal and educate fully what will be the reward upon successful completion of task and should be given the reward immediately as agreed.

b- Suggestion for rewards can be few. For example short term reward to be given immediately. Long term reward like earning over period of time, You can design plan like, If she/he does homework on time for 3 days everyday she will collect a star and 3 stars value of something which he/she likes and is reasonable ( Avoid Candy, Junk food, and aggressive video games etc as rewards).

C- Improving self esteem and learning by:

a- Praise him/her for any good behavior, (no false praises).

b- Minor achievements should be highlighted and encourage him/her to do more like that.

c- Let him/her have friends who are more friendly and tolerant then who are not.

d- Limit the use of screen electronic gadgets like computer, video games and etc.

e- Have him/her read short stories in free time and then asks her to tell the story followed by positive encouragement and rewards.

f- Short assignments followed upon by the retrieval of information and positive encouragement after successful task.

Above strategies are usually help full with or without medication depending upon the severity of illness.

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