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Respecting Privacy of our Children

Respecting Privacy of our Children


Respecting Privacy is one of the most important aspects to gain trust of your child, but at the same time you don’t want your child to take major risks due to ignorance.

Although Parents have seen the child growing and have changed and clothed him/her. Child starts getting annoyed If you become intrusive. Child needs privacy and to master it.

Privacy Signal given by Children:

Asking verbally for private space.  When the child starts saying they need privacy. You being parent have no right to stay close or in the shower with child if he/she is yelling “go out”. Give them space and never reason that you are his/her parent. Give them time alone if they are requesting, such requests should be taken very seriously.

Asking for own room:

When Child requests his/her own room. This is the time when it should be given if possible. Now they start realizing the need for separate space for changing and hiding underwear.

When they start asking to knock before you enter. Respect their request and never spy on them.

Children deserve the increased privacy as they grow to the adolescent years.


Following are helpful hints about the Privacy and how to handle it.

Accepting new role:

Grade school children might start hiding while changing and this may appear as a new behavior. While before they would care less. These changes are due to physical and mental changes.  Don’t get annoyed if child shut the door.  And never tease saying that “ I have seen you before”.

Don’t Grant total Privacy:

While in the public bathroom child should be supervised. Child should be educated that you may be examined by the pedriatition. Random asking about privacy rules and occasionally Doctor or the parents have to look at their body.  Sometime child themselves ask you to be there while they are using the bathroom, as a parent you should be available like staying close and may be reading paper or doing some other activity nearby.

Teaching the skill of changing:

Teach the child how to change in Public bathrooms (changing while towel is warped around the waist), Never go to the Public bathroom alone. Help them understand the safe and unsafe places to change and be there.

Expect Inconsistency and that should be respected:

Sometime children will ask to be with them while they are using restroom at other times they don’t like. Respect their wish and be available if they say so. Extreme behavior should be interpreted with caution.

Change in Behavior:

Some time children starts behaving differently and become too embarrassed or exposing themselves too much, Both situation should be taken cautiously. There might be something to look for, but never the less behavior can be due to being with very modest friend or otherwise. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t respond prematurely by saying something must had happened.

Teaching good Habit:

This is also time to teach children healthy hygienic habits, Cleaning the private parts, and practice good behavior. Educating them about the body changes and changes in feelings with opposite sex preferences and how to handle those feelings. Answer there question and never say no.  If you don’t answer somebody else will and you don’t know how that person will respond. Establish trust with your child and use it to guide and educate the child.

Practice good habits of covering up:

If you walk in home semi naked children will feel embarrassed initially and later they might get used to it and start copying the behavior. Usually 7-9 year old children either hide if you are wearing improperly or they may giggle while seeing you.

It is good practice to knock before you enter the Child’s room and respect their privacy.

Bath robe is helpful to help them feel secure because at times towel might fall off while they are coming out of the shower/bathroom.

If Child is waiting outside the bathroom for you, always come out while Towel or robe is covering you.

Always lock the bather room and shower door and set rules for privacy.

Don’t do’s

Never Post anything on your children’s Face book or any other media account wall.

Don’t be friend with your child on social Media.

Don’t friend with your child’s friend even if you know them before on social media.

Never ever look at their shoulder while they are texting.

Same sex parent should educate about the sexual issues.

Never spy and make judgments about your own suspicions about the child.


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