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Think poitive (CBA) Cognitive Behavior Approach

Think Positive (CBT).

Given an example of glass being half full or half empty.
Modern day life stress can impact life to varying degrees to the point it can
cloud realistic thinking. When under severe stress people think negatively and feel
anxious about unnecessary worries. But when stress is over this can be replaced
with usual self of realistic optimistic thinking approach. However in certain
vulnerable cases where stress is severe or prolonged with multiple negative life
events this may not happen. It can lead to continuous negative thinking which
can affect emotional well being, affect behavior and can lead to further
deterioration in work performance. Hypothesis is when somebody feels depressed
negative thinking becomes severe and at all the time, like NEGATIVE VIEW OF SELF,
is based on this hypothesis of negative thinking process and helps to replace it with
positive thinking and can result in the improvement in feelings, emotions and

Following exercise may be helpful in this regard. Whenever there
is situation which leads to negative thinking and gives rise to the sadness or
anxious emotions and leads to the automatic negative thoughts (pessimistic
thoughts). If at that time someone try to take a step back and try to think
realistically and with rational approach, the feeling of sadness or anxiety
might decrease and help the person feel better.

Now having knowledge of this is great, but when somebody
fall in negative thinking cycle it is hard to think rationally and
realistically. How ever with practice some one can learn skills to do that
while under severe stress and still can think optimistically and positively.

If still you can not do it yourself ask the help of
therapist who can help learn the skill and be helpful in future situations.

For someone’s New years resolution can be of learning this
skills and make difference in life.


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