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Post natal Depression | Diagnosis & Treatment of Depression | Dubai, UAE

Is it a post natal depression or baby’s blue?

The term Post partum ( post natal) depression is moderate to severe depression in a woman starting soon after child birth to a year and it interfere in social, occupational and or other important areas of life.

Pregnancy bring lots of changes in the body and is stressful itself, however during the birth of the child and after,  mother experience fatigue,  extreme stress, irritability, restlessness, at times ambivalence ( when pregnancy was not planned) these symptoms are usually known as “baby’s blues”. Post partum depression occurs when baby’s blues continue and even take the form of moderate to severe depression.

Risk increases if there was prior history of such depression,  age less then 20 years  family history of depression, poor social support ( no or few friends, nobody to confide, having frequent arguments and fight with spouse)and increase level of psychosocial stress ( relationship problem, financial issues ,inadequate housing and insufficient basic needs)

Symptoms, include, having anhedonia, fatigue lack of interest in favorite activities, not taking care of self and or baby, anxiety, having suicidal thought and feeling unsafe for self and for baby. Other symptoms of depression may include lack of sleep, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, irritability and getting angry very easily.


Without treatment this condition can deteriorate and can be risky.

If symptoms, gets worse don’t leave the mother alone.

Ask for help from family and friends.

Get consultation with professional (psychiatrist) for full evaluation and treatment.

Treatment includes therapy (individual, family and group therapy)

Medications like SSRI’ (antidepressant).

Once someone has postpartum depression risk of depression in following pregnancy may increase.


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